We know that finding reliable and up-to-date demograhic information can be complicated. This is the reason because we at Involve have decided to create GeoStatData, a catalogue of "geostat" information for any European countries.


Geostatistical data for your geomarketing studies

With GeoStatData, we want to facilitate access to maps and demographic information and value-added indicators from infra-municipal to national levels for Europe. Our databses can be used with any GIS softwares available in the market (ESRI, Mapinfo, GeoConcept, etc). Our goal is to provide the right information for you to make the best business decision for your company.

Available countries

At this time, we provide Geo-Statistical-Data for these following countries:

More countries will come soon.


Our offer is composed of 2 packages:

  • GSD PLUS: all the map layers (national, regional, province, municipal and infra-municipal levels) with the related information for each level.
  • GSD MINI: all the map layers (national, regional, province and municipal levels) except the infa-municipal layer, with the related information for each level.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information about prices and data at:

GeoStatData for Spain  |  GeoStatData for Italy  |  GeoStatData for Portugal  |  GeoStatData for France

GeoStatData is a brand of InvolveGBI SL, Calle Dulcinea nº10, 28020 Madrid, Spain. Tel: +34 91 59 16 55 52. CIF:B-85415750